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1967 fastback 7.13 @95.60 1/8 mile


So I have posted this on the other forum but for those that are on this forum I went to the FE reunion and ran my fastest time. Just a smidge over my previous but hey its still faster.
11.07 at 120.87 with a nice .0152 light.
1/8 mile time on run before 7.0227 at 97.91.

Well I have posted this in the other forum but in case someone isnít on another I have an
update. I recently went to pinks all out at Atco New Jersey and made some nice passes.
My best 1/8 mile time was a 7.06 canít remember the MPH I believe it was 97 miles per hour.
1/4 mile time was 11.11 @ 121.26 and I think I might be able to tackle that last tenth although I wonít be going to a 1/4 mile track this year.

485 c/o 2x4 lowriser twin 600 vac sec survival heads out of the box,  c-6 10inch 3000 stall caltracs with caltrac shocks ET drag radials. 3250/3450 with me in it

link for final round win



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