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Nice to know the unported intake worked well with out of the box heads.  I am in the process of porting one of those for myself to try.  I wonder what the difference would be with a well ported intake?  Ported heads?  Same everything else?  Joe-JDC

Looks like a winning combination.  Keep the forum alive!  Joe-JDC

Great to finally meet you face to face, and see the FE at work.  Congratulations on placing, and hopefully there will be a another win for a FE in the future.  I took a look at your new headers, and I think I know how to improve on them if you want to tinker with them in the future.  I can e-mail my ideas whenever things settle down.  Joe-JDC

What is the minimum on pushrods clearance
You don't want any witness marks on the pushrod or intake when going through full cycles at running temperatures or rpms.  It is not uncommon to see shiny spot on some Edelbrock intakes where the pushrods rub.  Just take a die grinder and remove the shiny area with the intake off, and wash thoroughly and reinstall.  I try to elongate the holes for myself, but for others, it depends on the pushrod od size, and the camshaft lift and rockers used.  Also, some folks cut the heads and intakes because of decking the block, which requires checking the clearances again.  All part of blueprinting.  Joe-JDC

 ;) ;) Sounds like a plan!  Looking forward to meeting all the folks at Lima.  We run last on Thursday, and I will stay for Friday testing.  Hope to be able to watch your dyno testing.  Joe-JDC

The deadline is quickly approaching.  Life issues are always a surprise.  Good Luck!  Joe-JDC

How is it progressing?  Showing promise?  Just curious to see if all is falling into place for you this time.  Joe-JDC

Just to keep the FE's coming in, since my time is SLOW by most standards today.  Car had fiberglass hood, 10.5 x 29 x 15 slicks, 4.56 gears, TW with 660s, Ford D cam, adjustable rockers, lightweight valves.  Hooker Super Comp headers.  Alamo Dragway, San Antonio, TX.  Joe-JDC

Thanks for the update.  Hope Bill is OK.  Joe-JDC

FE engine dyno test info and engine build information / FE dyno testing?
« on: January 26, 2015, 05:55:46 PM »
When are we going to see more duplicatable engine combinations?  Anything north of 700?  What would it take to break 800?  900?  NA1000?  Joe-JDC

Has there been any follow-up with Bill on how this package is working on the street for him?  I really did like the concept of the Fast EFI and throttle body with normal ignition system.  Curios.  Joe-JDC

I would suspect the missing 13 hp for an even 500 would be available with another 1-1/2 compression increase.  Years ago there were dyno tests done to compare those issues, and a 3-5% increase was seen with each full point of compression.  Low balling it would be .03 x 487 =14.61.  Joe-JDC

Photos of engines, cars, and projects / Re: Just to add something new
« on: November 07, 2014, 02:46:11 PM »
How did the electric water pump work on the street and strip for you?  Did you use it on the dyno tests?  I have always wondered about the high compression FE and an electric water pump working to keep the heat at acceptable levels.  Joe-JDC

FE Engine Tech Topics / Re: Building a 390
« on: August 14, 2014, 03:40:26 PM »
Keep a lookout for a set of C80E-N heads for the CJ, and mill them to get to the 72cc range, a good valve job, and good set of springs.  About as good as it gets for stock heads.  You may also keep a lookout for a used set of Edelbrock heads now that the market is being flooded with new castings.  Joe-JDC.

FE Engine Tech Topics / Re: Building a 390
« on: August 13, 2014, 10:46:31 PM »
On Jay's stroker 489ci the ported BT 8V of mine made over 650hp if I remember correctly, nearly identical with my ported Victor on the same engine.  The torque was good with the ported 8V, but not a LOT better than the stock 8V, so I was actually a bit disappointed that the ported manifold did not make a lot more power than the stock one.  I don't think at that horsepower level I would worry about porting.  It is a lot of expense to ship two ways, and the porting is not cheap either, if you can find someone who will actually port the intake, not gasket match it.

It will be difficult to get stock C4 heads into the low 300s cfm range.   Joe-JDC

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