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I finally fired up the new engine I had been building to replace the 390 in my 63 Galaxie. I bought the short motor from Randy Millard, it had been put together by Holbrook Racing and was originally destined for a NSS car. I had the piston domes milled for a more streetable compression ration and swapped out the cam. The engine has been topped off with a pair of Survival  heads that had been ported by Joe Craine. The intake is a factory 6V that was also worked over by Mr. Craine.

The engine details are 0.030" over (4.16") crossbolted 406 block, Scat 4.25" crank and rods, JE pistons, 11.5 to 1 compression. The heads have 2.20/1.71 valves and flowed 339/227cfm at 0.650". The cam is a solid flat tappet 252/260 @ 0.050", 0.636/0.656 lift on a 108LSA. Carbs are 3 Holley 500's adapted for the intake, and exhaust is a pair of 427 cast iron long branch manifolds. It was run on the dyno with these manifolds and a 3" diameter extension. The fuel used was premium 100 unleaded, which is available at a few gas stations nearby. Here are the results.

When I installed the carbs, I left the 50cc accel pumps on them. This caused the engine to get an excessively rich hit when all the carbs were snapped open, causing a bog and drop in power/torque. However, once the mixture cleaned up, we managed to get a good power result. The mixture was still a bit rich, but I ran out of time on the dyno to do further tuning. Timing wise, we found best power was between 33 to 36 degrees total. However it is at a safe tune now and I can do further tuning in the car.

FE Engine Tech Topics / Spark plugs for Survival heads
« on: January 18, 2014, 12:25:46 AM »
I'm getting close to finishing off my 462 cube engine with the Survival cylinder heads. I've seen Autolite plugs recommended, both the 3924 and the AR3924. What would be the best ones to use to start with on my engine? My engine will be 11.5 to 1 comp and I will be using an MSD 6AL. Thanks.

FE Engine Tech Topics / Timing pointer with ATI damper
« on: November 05, 2013, 06:01:28 AM »
I'm putting 406 stroker together at the moment, and am using the ATI 918310 damper. What timing pointer works best with this damper? I have a 427 style, but it is too long and also contacts the damper. I'm using a C3AE timing cover with the 2 small 3/16" holes. Thanks.

Photos of engines, cars, and projects / My ride
« on: January 08, 2013, 09:58:05 PM »
Might as well kick off my first post on the new forum with some pics of my 63 500XL boxtop.

The car is originally a Z code and came with a T10 trans. I fitted the 3 x 2 intake, cleaned up the C1AE-C heads with 2.09/1.65 valves, fitted a Comp 270S cam and cast 427 headers. I have also fitted a big input/output wide ratio top loader, 3.5 ratio 31 spline Truetrac diff, and upgraded all the brakes and suspension to copy the hipo cars set up. It's a great car to drive, starts easily, doesn't overheat and really gets up and goes. I've yet to take it down the 1/4 mile, but it feels like a low 14 car using my bum-o-seat meter.

However, that's not enough for me. I have all the parts for a 496 cube FE just waiting to be assembled for the Galaxie. That should push it along a bit better. 

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