Author Topic: New Survival FElony heads on a 482 - 604 horsepower  (Read 8729 times)


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Re: New Survival FElony heads on a 482 - 604 horsepower
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2013, 08:09:05 PM »
Nice build, looks like those heads are doing a good job

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New Survival FElony heads on a 482 - 604 horsepower
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2013, 09:46:25 AM »
Been too covered up with work (way behind and trying to catch up - battling the proverbial "Murphy" the whole time as we go) to put these reports together lately, but this one will be the first of many.

Had a pretty cool 482 on the pump this week.  Pond aluminum block, Pump gas compression ratio in the middle 10s, Scat 4.25 crank and 6.7 rod combo, solid roller with 248@.050 duration and .668 lift cut on 110 centers.  Pretty normal stuff for a nice serious street/strip sort of package.  Unusual parts include the Blue Thunder dual plane Dominator flange intake matched up with a QFT1050, and a pair of our new heads with a valve job and a bowl blend and detailing - not quite as cast, but not ported at all.

Engine fired and ran with no drama.  After a little while of run time and a couple brief test pulls to verify fuel and load we opened her up and did a valve lash - reshimmed a couple rockers that I felt were just too close to hitting the pushrod tubes for my tastes, rechecked a few odds and ends.  Next day the customer arrived and we started the fun part.

We did a few baseline timing efforts and settled on 36 total before going after fuel.  Started out by pulling jets out based on A/F data, and slowly ended up putting some of that back in as we chased the best numbers once we'd established control.  After getting really close to the target we were chasing, the customer made a call - a good call - on taking two degrees of timing out.  This was based on the earlier experience where adding a couple degree picked it up nicely below TQ peak and cost a little upstairs - going the other way helped the "Hollywood" numbers at the peak of the HP curve.

The engine repeated it's earlier behavior and gave us a horsepower peak of 604 at 6000 RPM (actually 603.8 if you're into the incremental data...).  Torque was also pretty good with 588 at 4600 & 4700.  Best timing for these results was 34 degrees - should not be too fuel sensitive at all - all testing was done on 93 octane Citgo (I normally run Sunoco but the station was in the other direction from where I was driving that morning...better donuts).  Pretty cool to see these numbers from a easily duplicated package.  Picture, chart, and YouTube link follow: