Author Topic: Real 427 - stock crank, stock rods, Factory F heads, dual quad & original B cam  (Read 8001 times)


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I would suspect the missing 13 hp for an even 500 would be available with another 1-1/2 compression increase.  Years ago there were dyno tests done to compare those issues, and a 3-5% increase was seen with each full point of compression.  Low balling it would be .03 x 487 =14.61.  Joe-JDC


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How much more HP do you think you would have squeezed out of it with the original 12:1 or higher CR?


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I remember when Igot my motor  and car with the stock 427  c6 2200 stall 3.08 posi it seemed like it pulled forever. Had same cam and thats about were I shifted 64 - 6500. Nice. Read new swap meet post


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This one was a "real" 427 - factory steel crank, LeMans rods, a factory iron block with small clean-up overbore and compression pulled back to the middle 10s for pump premium, a pair of decently ported iron F heads from another vendor, a tunnel wedge with a pair of BJ-BK carbs - and a factory "B" cam.  Yep - a 50 year old camshaft.  This one is very much something that could have been built in 1960-something.  Customer also had a pair of 660s - which turned out to be the best on this one.  I suppose those are considered "new" since they were probably from the 70s...

We went through the normal break in process - more than a little nervous about that cam - and had no issues at all.  Motor came around nicely and ran very well.  Seems those old guys had a pretty good handle on things...  <img src="/images/happy.gif" height="14" width="14" alt="happy.gif">

Cam specs - data lifted from some old posts made by Werbyford, tbolt2, and others:

the C4AE-B is the High Riser camshaft.

 56/88 88/56 with 112 deg overlap.
 324-324 duration
 242-242 at .050 duration
 .500 lift

Engine ran cleanly beyond 6400 while making pulls.  Peak power was at 6200 with 487 horsepower, and peak torque was 466 at 5100.  Noteworthy is a dead flat torque curve with readings of 460 to 466 from 4400 to 5300 RPM.